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About the artist

Luciana is currently represented by Artspace Anna Maria, in Florida, owned by mixed media artist Deborah Webster.


Her work was published in the magazine Carcara Photo Art #5 Spring 2016,  that is already in 150 countries.  


With a degree in both Arts and Education and Clinical Psychology (PUC-Rio), Luciana launched her professional career as an actress, producer and promoter at the Banduendes Theater Group, headed by Evandro Mesquita and Patricya Travassos. 


In the 1990’s, she was a copartner and managed the stationary store/Art gallery entitled Gramatura, in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, wherein several art exhibitions and cultural events took place.


In 2005, she started experimenting with mobile photography and video. Three years later, she created her blog, luliX pandaglia, where she would upload and exhibit her photographs, texts, and videos, as well as some by other artists. Her work as a mobile artist consists on the use of mobile phones – and mobile phone lenses –, portable cameras, notebooks, and the internet.


She took part and photographed, between 2008 and 2011, an event entitled Corujão da Poesia, headed by João Luiz de Souza and whose patron in singer-songwriter Jorge Ben Jor.


In 2009, she was invited to set up an exhibition at the ARAKA Festival – an arts event with shows, performances, photography, poetry, visual arts, and fashion.


Her photographs have already been published by O Globo newspaper – both in the published newspaper and on its Instagram account – and by other Instagram accounts, such as Brazilingram, Worldingram, etc.


Her work was also published in the printed version of the Rio de Janeiro tourism magazine (Rio Guia Oficial 2014).


One of her photographs was chosen for the Instagram-users collective exhibition entitled “Um verão por dia” [“A summer a day”]. Instagram plays a vital part in her work, as it was the media which launched her to the international virtual world. Her own experimental virtual gallery!


Photo: André Blas
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